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Poojaa Shah Talwar, the founder of Fusion Academy Of Music, is formally trained in Hindustani Classical Music and earned Sangeet Visharad from Gandharva Mahavidyalaya in Mumbai, India.  

Over three decades of her career in music, she is passing on her existing knowledge acquired from her gurus - Shri Vijay Singh Chauhan (of Gwalior Gharana),  Hindustani Classical guru - Shri A.P. Narayangaonkar,  Ghazal Maestro Jagjit Singh & Smt Geeta Prem.  

Poojaa also adds unique instruction plans and strategies to singing lessons which she has formed from her own experiences and practices over the years.  She creatively customizes  instruction to help develop a voice and enhance effortless singing.   

Her vision amplifies blending genres and bringing communities together for the love of music by creating new sounds and making Indian music a part of main stream music instruction and production in the west.  

She says  "I feel proud when my student falls in love with their own voice, as they listen to themselves again and again.  It is important to identify your own unique voice, render a popular or private composition in your own style and most importantly have fun singing and learning."

Course Descriptions below are based on general guidelines and may be customized or modified further to meet student's age appropriate vocal developmental needs.  Length of each course varies per level of instruction and student's practice time at home.   

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 Fusion Academy Of Music is open to students of all ages, cultures and backgrounds. (minimum recommended age - 6 yrs)

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Lessons:  Private | Group | Online (more than 30 miles) 

We look forward to working with you in developing your singing goals.

Courses at FAM: Singing lessons and Harmonium

Beginner level: Foundations of Hindustani Vocals

Learn basic scales, breathing techniques, basics of Hindustani Classical Vocals with warm ups. basic alankaars.  Identify your vocal range, learn basic outline of a song, including pronunciation, diction and emotion.  Introduction to basic ragas and other related light music genres with simple lyrics and compositions.  Introduction to basic beats and rhythmic cycles.  Learn basic terminology involved in defining a raag.  

Intermediate Riyaaz (Vocal exercises)

Prerequisite: Beginner level.  

Introduction to different inflections, Vocal exercises to achieve the different inflections in the voice.  Strengthen the notes and lengthen the breathe.  Vocal exercises toward effortless voice flow through the octaves,  Basic Improvisation techniques within a composition.   Semi-classical / intermediate song selections with unique rendition and improvisation strategies.  Learn to write your own short groups of notes with patterns. 

Learn how to apply these exercises in a tune of your choice.

Learn Songs for the occasion

Minimum Prerequisite: Foundations Of Hindustani Vocals

 Whether its a Bollywood classic or American Top 40, choosing the appropriate song and preparing to perform for a special occasion can be overwhelming.  Learn to identify your strengths, vocal range, song selection best suited for your voice and prepare with customized vocal exercises to achieve your singing goals and produce your best rendition.  Learn how to use the microphone correctly, projection of the voice and presentation.  Duration for this course can vary between 2 to 3 months per song, depending upon readiness and regular exercises.

Advanced Training & Voice Culture

Student in this level would need to be enrolled in Intermediate Riyaaz for at least one to two years, established a daily vocal exercise regime, learned proper voice projection, modulation, inflections and breathing techniques.  Learn to decode a composition by writing lyrics of a song with corresponding notations and be able to sing  with your own improvisations.  Learn advanced alankaars,  conquer different rhythmic speeds and develop an effortless approach toward executing a song.

Fusion: Blending the different Genres

Explore the unlimited possibilities with blending east and west.  Whether it be adding alaaps within a western tune or singing a bollywood song in contemporary style or blending the western beats within a sufi song, learn to find a complementing balance that is pleasing to the vocal chords and the listening ear.  Learn to be creative with spontaneous improvisations and play with the rhythmic cycles.

Ghazal, Bhajan, Shabad

Learn how to sing urdu poetry and devotional genres.  Learn the dynamics of urdu poetry, popular writers, composers and artists who have produced meaningful poetry.  

Learn proper pronunciation, diction and essence of the song.

Learn devotional genres as per personal choice.   How to select an appropriate composition based on a particular occasion or time of the day.  Learn shlokas, chants, kirtan from some of the ancient scriptures in sanskrit.

Harmonium Lessons

Fusion Academy of Music: Harmonium Lessons.  Instructor and Artist Poojaa Shah Talwar, Glen Allen VA

Beginner to Advanced levels:

Introduction to the instrument, sound and functionality.

Learn to play basic scales, small compositions, alankaars and practice tunes.  Having a harmonium at home for practice is recommended. 


Learn to decode the composition by writing the notation chart.  Play popular tunes WITH the knowledge of notes and improvise.  Learn to play small original intros and interludes within a song.  Learn chords with correct finger placements.   

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